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Welcome to Ark Landscapes & Design. We are a leading residential and commercial landscaping service provider, in Western Cape. We specialize in full turnkey garden design and maintenance.

We are a strong environmentally focused company, promoting green and sustainable practices in all our projects. Transforming surroundings into lush, vibrant, and sustainable green outdoor & indoor spaces for both Fauna and Flora. 

Furthermore, we guarantee that our clients can have complete peace of mind knowing that their garden will always be well-maintained, by a friendly and reliable team.

Our Services

Ark Landscapes & Design offerings include Design, Installation, Maintenance & Management

Our teams – Supervised by qualified managers – are dedicated to ensuring that your garden is kept in pristine condition. Our offering of different maintenance regimes, to cater to your budget, while adding value to the garden.

Landscape Maintenance & Management

We pride ourselves in building relationships with our clients. So, whether it’s a small or large landscape, Ark Landscapes & Design is in it for the long run.  Our Garden Service package includes, but not limited to: General grass and edge cutting; removal of decaying leaves; aeration of soil; prune shaping and trimming; the blowing of walkways and pavements; the aeration of flower beds; seasonal gutter cleaning; and the removal of rubble generated by our team on site.

Landscaping Installation & Construction

A well-designed garden landscape will bring definition to any outdoor living space. Various elements of nature will bring balance – in visual vista’s, sounds, smells, and colour contrasts. We offer a complete garden design and installation service. Hardscaping projects such as decks, paving, firepits, artificial lawns, ponds, gabions (retainer walls), pergolas, planta pots, water storage (JOJO) through to soft scaping, flora, mulches, river pebbles and lawns. We have the manpower and the expertise to deliver on large-scale landscaping projects from the planning phase, installation, through to the sign-off and ongoing maintenance.

Landscape Design

Points to consider when designing a beautiful garden landscape: Design Plan, Style, Proportion and Scale, Unity, Balance, Creating Vistas, Focal Points, Repetition, Contrast and Harmony. Ark Landscape & Design works closely with our clients to understand their vision. We consider the soil quality, lighting, shade, spacing and recommend a design, using only quality plants and features.

Irrigation Installation & Maintenance

Ark Landscapes & Design provides irrigation systems, development, and maintenance. An effective Irrigation system influences the entire gardens’ growth process – root growth, lawn growth, nutrient utilization, plant growth, and regrowth. What’s key is putting water exactly where it is needed and minimal evaporation. With the Western Cape experiencing draught conditions, designing a system that is efficient with your water gives peace of mind. Ark Landscapes & Design only use of certified high-quality products to ensure system longevity.

Tree Felling & Trimming

Our professional tree felling service provides safe removal of your tree problems.

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